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How We Do It

URB maintains its own grow rooms which allows us to produce our own medicine and measure up to the highest standards of quality. This vertically integrated model allows us to also produce our own unique strains which are either bred in house or sourced from some of the finest cannabis geneticists in California. In addition to controlling genetics, by growing our own flowers we can ensure that they are flushed for a minimum of 12 days and glass cured for at least a month. Both these little touches ensure that our patients receive flowers that are incredibly clean and smooth to the taste. Under the guidance of Harry Resin’s twenty years of hands-on growing experience, our grow rooms provide URB with the finest quality medicine in the bay. We also only use organic beneficial bacteria and all of our medicine is tested for quality by Steep Hill in Berkley.

In addition to controlling the quality, by growing our own flowers we also provide our patients with the best price to quality ratio possible. This is why our prices remain so competitive. The same holds true for most of our concentrates. We work with some of the finest extract artists out there to have our material processed so that each strains full terpene profile is preserved, giving our shatter a unique full flavor profile.

We look forward to having you try our products and experience the difference.

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